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For Sale: Fullblood Lowline Bull – HONEYBROOK JACKPOT HNB12A

Here’s your chance to own one of the best lowline bulls around! A Son of Yarra Ranges Jackaroo! Jackpot is ready to work for you and produce a calf crop that will top the market.  We have used him on lowline heifers, lowline cows and registered angus heifers.  All calved un-assisted,and calves are vigorous and up almost immediately.  Birth Weights on calves averaged 55-60 pounds depending on the dams.  Jackpot is extremely easy to handle and was halter broke as a calf.  He was also shown as a calf successfully.  Only selling as we are looking to keep moderator heifers from him.  Delivery can be arranged for a fee within reason.  Take a look at his pedigree, you won’t be disappointed!  Priced at $4000.00

Number – Numéro: -[CAN]737-
Espèce/Race: Cattle/Bovins/Lowline
Sex-Sexe: Male/mâle
Date of Birth
Date de Naissance: May 28 2013
28 mai 2013
Purity % – % Pureté: 100

Lyndon and Jacquie Tromblin

Mozart, SK

<expires 1/24/18>

Are you looking for an excellent Fullblood or Commercial Sire?

This proven bull produces exceptional calving ease, low birth weight calves with competitive weaning weights in the fall.

$35/ds (1-19)
$30/ds (20-49)
$25/ds (50 or more)

Contact Cathy or Lee at
306-317-2048 or 306-845-7897

<expires 12/9/17>



D.O.B 03/10/1999
Sire: Brambletye Arunta AUL0012
Dam: Mugga Fidelity AUL0171

Sherman is one of the heaviest muscled bulls in the Lowline business. His
sire group had the best rib-eye area per hundredweight of any sire group
tested on the ranch. Sherman topped the ’99 calf crop with an astounding
1.53 REA/cwt at 16 months of age, weighing 622#, with an actual rib-eye area
of 9.5 square inches. Sherman has an out-cross pedigree and can we widely
used on almost any bloodline in the US. He is stout topped and heavy
quartered with excellent feet and legs. His full sister, Fantasia 20J was
the 2001 National Champion Female at the National Western Stock Show in
$10 Minimum 10 Doses

Perry J. Richard
Painted Post Lowlines
P 306-371-2324

<expires 12/10/17>